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"Always eager to creatively fulfill your artistic wishes with preeminent paintings at Midwestern value... "

Marie App


I always try to catch Marie's latest paintings. She comes up with new, creative styles that my art collectors want to see and buy."

- Ms. Kathy Hertz-Scmnicht
Avenue Art Gallery, Appleton WI

When I saw Marie's beautiful scenes I had to purchase a number of paintings for my office. I enjoy their realistic and abstract qualities and my patients find them very inviting and relaxing."

- Dr. Fran Passineau
Chiropractic Clinic, Wausau WI

We purchased several large oil paintings by Marie for our clinic. Her art work captures the local color to which our people can relate. Her gardeners are rustic, earthy, and emotional--real folks! They are very reminiscent of the murals by Diego Rivera."

- Ms. Fran Finley
Administrator Riverside Hospital, Waupaca WI

You can't look at Marie's paintings in a short span. There are many things happening in them. They present a poetic dimension that captures feelings and an intellectual dimension that captures the mind."

- Ms. Becky Herlizke
Pump House Gallery, LaCrosse WI

Comment's from Marie's most recent show...

Beautiful work! Warm notes of impressionism combined with hints of expressionistic ideas!"

- Aaron

These paintings just draw me in. I’d love to walk into one and not come out. Thank you!"

- Carla

A very refreshing alternative to the traditional landscape. Stunning display of the color spectrum. Thanks for the inspiration, Marie!"

- Dorthy Semple

Beautiful work, esp. the Landforms. Cezanne would be proud!"

- Jane Barnard

My favorite is “Curious.” I love the title which speaks to my philosophy of life. The mixture of colors and shapes also drew me to it . I am so glad to have my small world include such an artist as yourself."

- Kathleen Daley

Absolutely amazing! Loved “Poppy Fields” and “Farmers’ Market Bouquets!” Thank you for a wonderful display and a beautiful program."

- Rachael S.

I love the forms and colors. Wonderful!"

- Kate J.

Absolutely beautiful! They remind me of home and memories from places I have visited. Reminiscent of wonderful memories of the past."

- Jesse John

Beautiful work — perfect lightness for the drab weather that continues to surround us."

- Jake Szeigowski

The dream-filled to the explosive colors is a walk through wonder. Make more art, Marie. I do enjoy your work. Thanks for chatting."

- Jim Lucas

I love the colors and techniques of the artist."

- Martin

I notice in many of your pieces that the center is “empty” and the edges are where the “action” takes place."

- Craig Walkowicz

Thanks for sharing your poppies! Gorgeous!"

- Katy

Make more art, Marie. I do enjoy your work. Thanks for chatting."

- Jim Lucas

Your “Milkweed” painting is wonderful. Incorporate pussy willows and other wild plants into more beautiful art."

- Mary Case

Your artwork is beautiful! My favorite is “Reflections” with the dragonflies. It gives off a very happy vibe."

- Amanda Gartner

I love the blue in “Reflections.” The dragonflies on the water remind me of the many vacation days we spent on Skunk Lake in Hazelhurst WI. Many fond memories popped into my head."

- Todd Kuckkahn

The blue in “Reflections” is one of my most favorite colors. The dragonflies are calling to rest, to enjoy, and to flow with the moving waters. Good to see you again, and your talents and gifts. Blessings to you, Marie."

- S. Rose Grabowski