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Gallery 3--Other

Lily Pads (watercolor), 16"x24", $500


Golden Sun (watercolor), 20"x16", $290

Mother-Daughter Stroll (oil), 20"x24", $590


Dinner Time in WI (watercolor), 16"x20", $300

Curious Summer (oil), 30"x30", $800


Reflections (water color), 16"x18", $300



Cows In Clouds (water color), 16"x20", $300

Perfect Murder (water color), 16"x20", $300


Immobile Monarch (water color), 16"x20", $300

Roots (water color), 16"x20", $300


Sunlight Journey (water color), 16"x20", $300

Country Clouds (wax & oil), 8"x8", $190


Movement (oil), 30"x30", $500

Autumn Stream (oil), 16"x20", $300


Seashell (oil), 30"x40", $900

Creation Myth (oil), 24"x30", $800


The Memorial (oil), 36"x24", $600

Wash Day (watercolor), 16"x20", $300


Heart of Good Fortune (oil), 30"x30", $800

Digital Dining (water color), 16"x20", $300


Carousel Horses (oil), 24"x30", $390

Harbingers of Winter (water color), 20"x30", $300



Craney Journey (water color), 16"x20", $300


Grand Migration (water color), 16"x20", $300

Turtle Portraits (oil), 30"x24", $700


USDA Certified (watercolor), 16"x20", $300

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