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"Always eager to creatively fulfill your artistic wishes with preeminent paintings at Midwestern value... "

Marie App

About Me

Renowned Midwest artist Marie App has made art a central pillar of her life. She received her MA and MFA degrees at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She taught art at various high schools and colleges in Wisconsin for 15yrs. She regularly has art shows and presentations across the Midwest and recently opened her own studio in Stevens Point, WI. Marie has a variety of experience from designing large stain glass windows for churches to relief sculptures to oil and watercolor painting. For over the last 20 years she has focused on nature’s beauty and landscapes to include florals, scenes, rivers, farms, people and rural life. She usually works to create a series of 10 to 15 paintings in a representational style. Please take a moment to view Marie's captivating on-line galleries and newest Canvas Cards creations. Marie's creed...

"I am committed to the idea of continually changing and growing. I don't want to be painting the same thing five years from now, but something new that I can't anticipate today. Change is great for art. I am true to self and don't paint for the market or popular taste. I take pleasure in just making the work. When I keep myself interested and surprised, I keep others interested. I have an innovative mind and approach to challenge myself, while at the same time I try to express enthusiasm of life and beauty."

And a thanks to her son Mark who occasionally paints with her and maintains her website; his main current project is